1900 – 1937 History

Sometime prior to 1883, Land Lot 138 was owned by James Willis Vaughn (1850 – 1925). He owned the entire 202 ½ acres. According to the 1880 Census, the 26-year-old North Carolina native, James W. Vaughn, was living at 254 North Calhoun Street in the 5th Ward of Atlanta. His occupation was the Bailiff of […]

The Builder

The Meredith House was built by Arthur “Sam” Hudson Satterwhite. According to audio with the architect, Sam Satterwhite was selected based on his bid. The plans were drawn up with specifications and put out to bid. According to the architect, Satterwhite put in the low bid and was selected. The architect noted that Satterwhite was […]

Pre-1900 History

The residence we currently own is known by Fulton County as parcel 17-0138-0003-0469. This is the “account number” for the property through the Tax Assessor and Tax Commissioner’s Office. The number is quite descriptive as well. The property is located in the 17th District of Georgia. The 17th District was conveyed from Creek Indians in […]

Hillside Drive History

The purpose of this blog will be to put a number of different repositories of information into one space.  The entries may be edited from time to time to ensure more up-to-date and accurate information. This all started when our family purchased and moved into an old house in Atlanta, Georgia near Chastain Park. This […]