Rock Barbecue Pit

The rock barbecue pit was designed by William L. Monroe, Sr. and part of the original plans for Meredith House. The rock barbecue pit is a pit in two senses of the word.  First and foremost, it hosts a hearth kitchen and a grill / smoker pit with a separate flue.  Secondly and perhaps intentionally, […]

Interior: Stained Glass Windows

Meredith House has two leadlight casement windows in diamond panes.  One is located at the far end of the Great Hall and generally faces west.  The other stained glass window is located on the second floor landing as part of the oriel and generally faces south.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution printed a photo of the oriel […]

Oxford Manufacturing Company

“In fact, Ken Meredith was really the starter of Oxford Industries.” – James C. Wise, Architect, 1973 In the 1923 Cleveland (OH) City Directory, Kenneth Meredith was a foreman at Rich-Sampliner Knitting Mills Company. By the 1929 Cleveland City Directory, Kenneth A. Meredith was listed as being occupied in “knit goods.” In the 1931 Cleveland City […]

The Help

Meredith House was designed with live-in, hired help in mind. The carriage house’s upper floor was originally used as servants’ quarters.  The roughly 700 square foot floor plan included two separate bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.  The space is currently being utilized by ESN Artisan Jewelry as an artist’s studio. According to the 1940 Census, […]

Interior: Light Fixtures

Another unique feature of Meredith House are many of the light fixtures.  According to the 1973 audio-recording with the architect, a number of these fixtures were designed by the architect.  James C. Wise noted drawing a sketch of a proposed fixture, taking the sketch down to Haley-Stewart Electrical Company, and having the fixture custom fabricated […]

Exterior: Badminton Court

Meredith House had a clay, lighted badminton court as an original feature.  The court does not exist today – – just a flat field.  The only remnants of the court are two metal poles.  One appears to have supported the electricity to the court.  The other may have been a light pole. The existence of […]

Exterior: Georgia Slate Roof

“There’s one thing unique about this house and no longer reproducible – – God only knows how much it’d cost you if you had to get it – – and that’s the roof.  That is Rockmart slate.” – James C. Wise, Meredith House Architect Those words from the architect to the Thompsons in 1973 (Track […]

1973 Interview with Architect

The Audio In December 1973, the Thompsons were wise enough to audio-record a walking tour of Meredith House with the architect, James C. Wise.  The Thompsons were the fifth family to reside in Meredith House and moved in during Summer 1973.  Through perseverance, the Thompsons inquired about the identity of the architect and ultimately located […]

Maps and Boundaries

The land surrounding Meredith House has changed through the years. From the time Ken Meredith bought his original parcel from the Blantons through 2010, the land ownership has changed frequently. Here are a few GIS maps to illustrate the changes. For perspective, the area is about a quarter of a mile to the west of […]