Interior: Light Fixtures

Another unique feature of Meredith House are many of the light fixtures.  According to the 1973 audio-recording with the architect, a number of these fixtures were designed by the architect.  James C. Wise noted drawing a sketch of a proposed fixture, taking the sketch down to Haley-Stewart Electrical Company, and having the fixture custom fabricated by a craftsman in the back of the shop.

The known original fixtures designed by James C. Wise and fabricated by Haley-Stewart are located in the foyer, Great Hall, breakfast room, and kitchen.  Notice the four-pedal rose motif on many of these fixtures (not quite a Tudor rose – – but close).

Foyer Fixture

Great Hall Fixtures


Breakfast Room Fixture


Kitchen Fixture

By contrast, a relatively simplistic, art-deco fixture was found in numerous rooms non-public spaces throughout the house.  This included the master bedroom, master bathroom, master shower, guest bathroom, service stair, and butler’s pantry.  Although some of these have been replaced, many remain functional in 2016.

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