Then and Now Photos

Here are a few side-by-side photos of Meredith House for historical comparison.  The house remains remarkably intact to its original design.  The “now” photos are about sixty years later.  Please note that some of the trees in the 1953 Front Elevation photo are clearly visible in the 2013 Front Elevation photo.  The growth of the trees is interesting to note.

Front Elevation

Outside Rear Elevation

Rock Barbecue Pit and Lodge



Great Hall

Dining Room


Game Room

Master Bedroom

One thought on “Then and Now Photos

  1. English, I’ve just found this site through the recent story on your home. This. r esearch is wonderful and I’ve enjoyed looking through it all! This home and property are lucky to have such stewards. Thank GOD above it was not torn down.
    Great job!
    Stephanie Ellis Mattison


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