Filming Location: Meredith House

The owners of the Meredith House were asked if the residence could be used as a location for a scene that would be set as the governor’s mansion for the 1978 Tim Conway film, That Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way. The owners decided the scene would be too disruptive. The actual scene was ultimately shot at the Hugh P. Nunnally house on Blackland Road. Part of the scene is in the trailer.

Up first is a Behind the Scenes of “Alice’s Playground” shot and edited by Peter Strickland. This Behind the Scenes footage gives a great idea of what filming on location at the Meredith House is all about.

The residence has been used as a location in the following examples.

Catharsis is a short film written and produced by Neriah Kharece and directed by Tash Ann.

Stay Out is a concept trailer by Eye4Eye Studios.

Musical artists’ Starbenders filmed two music videos at Meredith House. One video is with an energetic, entertaining, and campy story. The other video is an acoustic version of Cover Me from their album Love Potion (2020). Both videos were shot by cinematographer, Alex Seibert.


Musical artist Lil Gotit shot his music video for Crazy Thoughts at Meredith House.

Ayo & Teo filmed two scenes from their music video, Bring a Friend, at Meredith House.

Kalan.FRFR and Stunna 4 Vegas filmed their music video, Get In, at Meredith House.

Filmry Studios filmed Alice’s Playground, a short horror film, at the Meredith House.

Domani Harris filmed his music video for “Problem” at the Meredith House.

The property is listed as a location with the Georgia Film Office here and also on Giggster here.

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