1953 Adair Realty Brochure

Meredith House was listed for sale after Hazel Meredith passed away in 1953.  Ultimately, the McLoughlins purchased the property and the residence – furnished!

A less-than-ideal copy of this brochure was passed through the owners in some fashion.  We were given a copy of the brochure by the Fenders after closing in December 2010.

In 2012, Norman McLoughlin paid his first visit to Meredith House since 1962.  He brought with him an original copy of the 1953 sales brochure.  Through a kind and generous heart, he conferred the brochure to us as the current owners.

The brochure was a four-page roughly 8.5″ by 11″ sales brochure.  Here is a scanned copy of each page.  The brochure really functions as a time capsule of Meredith House as the original owners envisioned it.

Meredith Estate - Page 1-page-001Meredith Estate - Page 2-page-001Meredith Estate - Page 3_0001-page-001Meredith Estate - Page 4-page-001

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